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10 lines Essay On My Favourite Cartoon Character

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10 lines Essay On My Favourite Cartoon Character Shinchan

  1. I watch many cartoon shows and my favourite cartoon character is Shinchan.
  2. Shinchan Nohara is a five-year-old kid from Japan. He is very naughty.
  3. He goes to Fatuba kindergarten school.
  4. He troubles his friends, family, neighbours and teachers by singing silly songs.
  5. He has an extremely funny personality and even funnier voice.
  6. He has a nice family including his father Hiroshi Nohara, mother Misae Nohara, sister Himahari Nohara, dog Shiro, and grandparents.
  7. His closest fiends are Kazama, Masao, Nani and Bochan. Shinchan is the most wicked of them all.
  8. Shinchan is fond of eating chocolates and watching Action Kamen, his favourite cartoon.
  9. The thing that I love the most about the cartoon character Shinchan is that he loves what he does and he is full of confidence.
  10. The show Shinchan is really fun and all my family members watch it along with me.

Doraemon Startup gurukul

10 Lines Essay on My Favourite Cartoon Character Doraemon

  1. I love watching cartoon shows on television. My favourite cartoon character is Doraemon.
  2. Doraemon is a Japanese anime series about an earless robotic cat.
  3. He travels back in time from the 22nd century to help a young boy named Nobita Nobi who is weak in studies.
  4. Doraemon protects Nobita from getting bullied by his classmates, Gian and Suneo.
  5. He was sent to take care of Nobita by Sewashi Nobi who is Nobita’s future grandson.
  6. He is very caring of Nobita and helps him to finish his homework regularly.
  7. Doraemon has a magic pouch to store new-age gadgets and improve Nobita’s life.
  8. He has many gadgets such as Bamboo-Copter, Anywhere Door, Time Kerchief, etc. with which he helps Nobita to overcome difficult situations.
  9. He often helps Nobita to talk to Shizuka Minamoto, his closest friend and love interest.
  10. I love to watch Doraemon as he has an optimistic nature and is always ready to help Nobita in need.
Tomy and Jony Startup gurukul

10 lines essay on My Favourite Cartoon Tom and Jerry

  1. I would like to thank the creators of this sensational Cartoon Show “Tom and Jerry.”
  2. This show has a special place in my heart. It will be a lie if someone says that they don’t like Tom and Jerry.
  3. Tom is the name of the pet of the house owner, and in that house, there is a mouse called jerry.
  4. Jerry is my favorite character. I find him cute.
  5. It has always been about the fight between Tom and Jerry.
  6. Jerry used to steal something, and Tom tries to catch him.
  7. Jerry is very naughty and provoking. He always irritates tom.
  8. I loved to watch them fighting.
  9. They have symbolized the true meaning of friendship.
  10. When it comes to the common task, they have done it very significantly.
  11. It is one of the most successful cartoon shows.
  12. It still has a huge fan base, and most of the people, including me, still like this funniest show.
Cinderella Startup gurukul

10 Lines Essay on My Favourite Cartoon Cinderella

  1. Life is not always fair. Cinderella teaches to deal with that.
  2. This show is very popular among girls.
  3. It teaches us to deal with life problems.
  4. Cinderella teaches children they have choices. Cinderella is considered a beloved classic story.
  5. Cinderella is an orphan. She doesn’t have her real parents.
  6. She lives with her stepfamily ‘Cruel stepfamily’. She has a cruel stepmother, who is always being jealous of Cinderella.
  7. Cinderella has a cruel stepsister as her stepmother.
  8. They are selfish, jealous, and vain. They are lazy too.
  9. When Cinderella’s sisters see the dress made by Cinderella’s friend, they tear it to shreds.
  10. On the other side, Cinderella is kind to others.  She is kind to the creatures in the world.
  11. Animal characters Bruno, Major, Jaq, Gus, birds, and Lucifer are the characters of the show Cinderella, which teach us life lessons too.
  12. Cinderella is a life-teaching show. It adds value to the viewers’ minds.
  13. This show never fails to teach. It has a special place in people’s hearts.
Chhota Bhim Startup Gurukul

10 lines Essay on My Favourite Cartoon Chota Bheem

  1. Bheem is a 9-year-old boy who is very intelligent and brave, who lived in a village named Dolakpur.
  2. He always helps the villagers. He is the favorite of all the people in the village except some.
  3. Kaliya is a character who always gets jealous of Bheem.
  4. Where Bheem always helps people on the other side, Kaliya used to ruin things. He was jealous of the popularity of Bheem.
  5. Chutki is the female character of the show. She is the daughter of the tuntun mausi.
  6. Tuntun mausi makes very tasty laddoos.
  7. Raju and Jaggu, two other characters, have a rivalry with kaliya and his friends. 
  8. Kaliya has his sidekicks, twin brothers, dholu, and bholu. 
  9. Kaliya wants to prove that he is better than Bheem. But he fails every time; Bheem is always kind to others. Bheem always helps others.
  10. The story revolves around the rivalry between Bheem and kaliya.
  11. Most episodes revolve around the problems of villagers and how Bheem solves it.

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