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10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend

  1. Everyone has a best friend and my best friend’s name is Julia Maria Robin.
  2. She studies in Class 7 at the same school and section as mine.
  3. She is a talented and smart girl who is loved by everyone in my class.
  4. She is a very bright student and always does her homework on time.
  5. We study and sit in the class on the same bench side by side.
  6. She helps me in my studies whenever I need guidance.
  7. During break time, we share our tiffin and play games together.
  8. We have a few things in common like we both love Music.
  9. We are fond of listening to music and love watching the cartoon, Doremon after school.
  10. Our favourite colour is Magenta and we both love eating ice-cream and potato chips.
  11. I always pray that we remain best friends forever and God keep us safe always.

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