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Spelling Rule-13: Use of /ch/

Spelling Rule-13: Use of /CH/

As earlier discussed, /K/ needs back support (Spelling Rule-12.2). Similarly, /CH/ needs back support.

two vowels + ch

consonant + ch

Spelling Rule 13.1: If the final ‘ch’ sound comes after two letter vowel, the ending
is -ch.

vowel + vowel + ch


beach, teach, crouch, touch, speech

Spelling Rule 13.2: If the final ‘ch’ sound comes after a consonant, the ending
is -ch.

consonant + ch


search, church, branch, finch

Spelling Rule 13.3: If the final ‘ch’ sound comes only after a vowel, the ending is -tch. (Silent t comes to support -ch)

consonant + ch


fetch, catch pitch watch dispatch

But, the exceptions are below:

Attach, much, sandwich, which, detach, ostrich, Spinach, enrich, rich, such

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