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10 Lines Essay on World Music Day


  1. World Music Day is celebrated on the 21st of June every year.
  2. In the year 1982, this day was first celebrated in France.
  3. This day is also known as the Fete De La Musique.
  4. This day is celebrated to pay honor to professional musicians.
  5. On this day free concerts are organized by the musicians and different organizations. People are also allowed to play music in open with some noise limitations.
  6. Musicians even play music in the parks and entertain people.
  7. The main objective of this day is to provide free music to everyone.
  8. As music keeps us calm and helps us to relieve stress, this day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.
  9. On this day, various functions are organized in schools, colleges, and at the local level.
  10. Participatory music events are also organized around the whole world.


Few Lines on World Music Day in English for Kids

  1. World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21, around the world.
  2. It was founded by France Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, and first celebrated in 1982.
  3. In parks, museums, train stations, castles, etc musicians play music for free on this day.
  4. This day aims to make music of all kinds available to the public.
  5. This day also offers an opportunity to connect through music and share a special connection.
  6. On this day, young talents are encouraged to play in public.
  7. Concerts and music competitions are organized in schools and colleges on this day.
  8. This day is celebrated to support peace and spread goodwill through music.
  9. World Music Day is mainly celebrated in Argentina, Australia, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, India, Lebanon, and many other nations.
  10. Every region of India, which has its unique musical form due to its cultural varieties celebrated the day of music.

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