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10 Lines Essay on My Father

10 Lines Essay on My Father

1) My father is the most favorite person in my family, and he loves me the most.

2) He is the one who satisfies our needs and wishes without any complaint.

3) My father always believes me and shows a sense of confidence in me.

4) Whenever I feel depressed or sad, he is the one who motivates me with his words.

5) His love for us and other family members is noble and unconditional.

6) He is the one on whom the whole family can trust.

7) He becomes angry whenever we do not follow the discipline of the house.

8) He always motivates us to do well in exams and also helps in our studies.

9) He solves all our issues happily but never lets his problems come to us.

10) My father is my hero and will always be my guiding soul and motivator for life

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