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Common Suffixes

Common Suffixes

Suffixes are added to the ending of an existing word in order to create a new word with a different meaning.

Below is a list of the most used suffixes in English. But remember Prefixes are added to the beginning of the word.

-able, -ible can be done enjoyable, sensible, likable
-ence, -ance act/ condition of persistence, excellence, assistance, importance
-agog, -agogue leader demagogue, pedagogue
-ian, -an one having a certain skill/ electrician, magician,
relating to/ belonging to American, suburban
-cide kill(ing) patricide, infanticide, herbicide. suicide
-dom condition of boredom, freedom,
state kingdom
-ectomy cutting appendectomy, splenectomy
ed past tense jumped, helped
-en made of/ to wooden,
make dampen, tighten
er person connected
with/ comparative degree
teacher, writer,
baker, bigger,
colder, taller
-est superlative degree biggest, coldest,
-ess feminine actress, lioness
-ful full of beautiful, painful
-ia, -y act, state amnesia, mania, democracy, anarchy
-ic, -tic, -ical, -ac having to do with anthropomorphic, dramatic, biblical, cardiac
-ics things having to do with optics, physics
-ion, –ation act of/ state of/ result of attention, vision, invitation
–sion, -tion
-ing action/ process helping, skipping,
running, seeing,
-isk, -iscus small asterisk–a little star
-ism the belief in pacifism, terrorism, socialism, communism
-ist one who believes in pacifist, terrorist, socialist, communist
-ity state of/ quality prosperity,
of equality
-al, -ial related to/ characterized colonial, biennial, dental,
by betrayal
-ion,  -ation,  -sion,  -tion act of/ state of/ result of tension, attention, elevation, union
-ish relating to/ characteristic of childish, foolish
-ent, -ant an action/ condition student, contestant, immigrant
-ent, -ant causing a specific action obedient, absorbent, abundant, elegant
-hood the state/ the condition/ the quality boyhood, likelihood
-ist one who does a specific action artist, tourist
-ite one connected with meteorite, polite, cosmopolite
-less without careless, helpless
-logy study field of biology, geology, etymology, cardiology
-ly characteristic of badly, friendly, quickly
-ment act/ process enjoyment, replacement
-ness condition/ state of darkness, fairness
-oid resembling, like-shaped asteroid, spheroid
-or, -er one who takes part in doctor, actor, teacher, driver
-phobia exaggerated fear photophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia
-sis act, state, condition of analysis
-s,-es plural, more than one hats, pigs, boxes,
-ship condition of/ skill championship, friendship, hardship, leadership
-y characterized by/ like cloudy, fishy
-ous, full of/ characterized by adventurous, nervous, mysterious, courteous
-ive, inclined/ tending toward an action festive, talkative, active, sensitive
-ic relating to/ characterized energetic, historic
-ize to make/ to cause to fertilize, criticize,
become apologize
-fy, -ify to make satisfy, magnify
-age result of an action/ manage, drainage,
collection acreage
-some characterized by a specified quality, condition, or action awesome, lonesome
-cide kill germicide, pesticide
-ery relating to/ quality/ place where imagery, pottery, bakery
-ary relating to/ place where/ one who dictionary, infirmary cautionary, dietary, missionary
-ium chemical element helium,
group aquarium
-tude condition/ altitude,
state/ quality of gratitude

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