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Yoga Day Short Speech | Yoga Day Long Speech

Yoga Day Short Speech for Students

Hello! Good morning to everyone. Respected chief guest, principal sir, all my teachers and friends.

My best regards to everyone present. To start with I would welcome you all and also thank you for giving me this marvellous opportunity. Yoga is not new to us. 

Yoga is a beautiful physical, mental, and spiritual practice that is adopted in India. It is associated making a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is a beautiful exercising practice that links the soul to nature and keeps fit and active. It is a very rich and highly complex habit.

The practice of yoga is gaining worldwide obligation and popularity. People all over the world are moving toward practicing yoga for having a healthy life. It relaxes and calms the soul and mind. It is inexpensive and can be done in the comfort of home. No heavy and expensive machines or tools are required for doing yoga.

The UN proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga on 11 December, 2014. The aim is to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga all over the world.

Much thank you to all of you. Have a great evening!

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Long Speech On Yoga 500 Words in English

Hello! Good morning to everyone, Respected chief guest, Principal sir, all my teachers and friends.

Before going ahead of I would like to extend a warm welcome to every person present over here. First of all, I want to thank you all for inviting me and giving me this worthy opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic of yoga.

Yoga is the journey of discovering the self. It is an ancient and beautiful practice of India that is linked to all aspects, namely, physical, spiritual, and mental. It calms and relaxes our body and soul. It helps us to stay fit and healthy. Practicing yoga has a bundle of benefits linked to it.

With proposal of India and acceptance of UN, our world, to make the culture and tradition of yoga alive, the International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. It is not just a physical exercise where the person twists, turns, stretches, and breathes but is only a complex exercise linked to the improvement of the overall metabolism of the humans. By mastering the postures of yoga you can develop a healthy mind, soul, and a beautiful heart. Through the regular practice of yoga, one can develop immunity and flexibility as well. With better immunity, you can lead a better and disease-free life.

The various methods of yoga help the us to calm the mind. It increases focus and concentration power. It builds the energy to work and stay active the whole day long. Yoga helps in achieving clarity in life and self-awareness as well. Yoga and meditation are also helpful in removing various bad habits like smoking and drinking. Yoga can be seen as a single medicine or cure to many diseases.

Yoga is also a self-healing practice. It helps in the better circulation of the blood and reduces disease. In some cases, it is seen that yoga people have completely covered from illnesses like cholesterol, diabetes, muscle problems, and various others. In the busy life of today, yoga acts as the purest medicine for relieving stress.

Yoga is a general approach. It uses various postures, exercises, mantras, and meditation that enhances the thoughts and changes the mindset of the person adopting it. By making us free from addiction actually gives us a new life and a new beginning. It improves the mind power and also keeps us cool. It overall makes us more positive, energetic, happy, and effective and increases self-control.

The practice of yoga is becoming more and more popular these days are people are going forward to adopting the illness-free lifestyle. Yoga is rightest sense can be defined at the art of living. It is timeless and limitless. It has been with us for centuries. Additionally, it can be taught to the people of any age group. Teaching yoga to youth and children is very important today. The seeds sown today will bear fruit tomorrow.

Due to various qualities linked to yoga, it is increasingly becoming popular. The youth of today in India and worldwide are eager to learn and adopt yoga as compared to other methods of excising. To conclude, I would say having a better lifestyle is possible. The only need is to change how we live today and move toward accepting yoga as a part of life.

Adopt yoga and feel the calmness, happiness, and relaxation that you are searching for in this stressful life. Let me conclude with what is said in Bhagwat Gita, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

Much thank you to all of you. Have a great evening!

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