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Use of Present Progressive

Where to Use Present Progressive Tense

The Present Progressive is used when we talk about something which was happening at a special time in the present. It is also called Present Continuous.

  1. Actions happening in this moment.
  • I am watching YouTube videos.
  • She is Practicing
  1. Action happening in the Period of time.
  • I am studying from 6 pm to 9pm
  • Are you still practicing, now?
  1. Actions Prearrange for future.
  • We are going to New York, tomorrow.
  • I am going to school, mom.
  1. A temporary state/ event/ situation.
  • Why are you being so selfish?
  • I am studying in class.
  1. A repeated behavior.
  • He is always complaining.
  • She is constantly talking with her friends.

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