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10 Lines Essay On Butterfly

10 Lines Essay On Butterfly

A butterfly is a type of insect that belongs to the order Lepidoptera.

It is known for its vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and delicate wings.

Butterflies undergo a complex life cycle, starting as an egg, then larva, pupa, and finally adult butterfly.

They are commonly found in gardens, meadows, and other areas with flowering plants.

Butterflies play a crucial role in pollination, helping to fertilize plants and promote biodiversity.

Some species of butterflies migrate over long distances, while others live in a specific habitat year-round.

Butterflies are often used as symbols of transformation, beauty, and freedom in art and literature.

Unfortunately, many species of butterflies are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, and other environmental factors.

Conservation efforts are necessary to protect these delicate and important insects for future generations to enjoy.

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