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Independence Day speech

Independence Day Speech

India celebrates Independence Day on August 15 each year. India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947. Independence Day is a day when people in India pay respect to their leaders and those who fought for India’s freedom in the past. Independence Day is a gazetted holiday in India on August 15 each year. National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on this day. The struggle for India’s Independence began in 1857. Later, in the 20th century, the Indian National Congress and other political organizations, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, launched a countrywide independence movement. Colonial powers were transferred to India on August 15, 1947 and we celebrate this day as our Independence Day.

Independence Day Speech

  1. Good morning to everyone, Respected chief guest, principal sir, all my teachers and friends.
  2. India gained independence on August 15th, 1947.
  3. Before 1947, our country was ruled by British.
  4. From 1857 to 1947, the lives of many freedom fighters and several decades of struggle were sacrificed.
  5. Several great freedom fighters later struggled and spent their entire lives only to gain freedom.
  6. The sacrifices of all the freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, and Chandra Sekhar Azad, who lost their lives at an early age just to fight for their country, can never be forgotten.
  7. Gandhiji was a great Indian figure who gave Indians a great lesson in non-violence.
  8. We are so lucky to have been given a land of peace and happiness by our forefathers, where we can sleep all night without fear and enjoy the whole day at school or home.
  9. Today, People of India pay tribute to the fallen war heroes and freedom fighters.
  10. All Indians celebrate 15th August as Independence Day by raising the national flag of India.
  11. Jai Hind!
10 lines Independence Day Speech

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15 Lines Independence Day Speech

  1. Good morning, everyone, Respected Chief Guest, Respected Principal, teachers, parents and all my dear friends.
  2. First of all, I wish you a very happy Independence Day.
  3. I feel great pride to present this speech.
  4. This day is the most important day for all of us.
  5. Because on this day, in 1947, we got independence from the British Rule.
  6. Friends are great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Lokamanya Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Subha Chandra Bose, Rani Lakshmi bai and many others, devoted their entire life for the
  7. Independence of our country.
  8. Today we are fortunate that we are born in an independent country and we have our own fundamental rights.
  9. Our freedom is priceless and our brave soldiers fight continuously on borders to protect our country.
  10. Friends, we all know that no nation is perfect.
  11. It needs to be made perfect, so it is our responsibility to sincerely perform our duty and progress together for the growth and development of our country.
  12. Surely, the day is not far when our country will be strong and powerful in every field.
  13. Thank you.
  14. Jai Hind!
  15. Jai Bharat!