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10 Lines Essay on Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta Essay | Essay on Aryabhatta for Students and Children in English

Something about Aryabhata: The moment we hear the word Aryabhatta ‘zero’ is what comes to our mind but a lot of us don’t know that Aryabhatta has discovered and invented a lot thingss other than just inventing zero. Other than being a brilliant mind of the time, Aryabhatta is a true success story of India on how hard work and dedication can make you a great person.

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10 Lines Essay on Aryabhatta

  • Aryabhatta was the first Indian mathematician, physicist and astronomer who created groundbreaking theories and inventions.
  • Aryabhatta was born in a small place called Aryabhata in Bihar during the Gupta dynasty.
10 Lines Essay on Aryabhatta
  • Aryabhatta worked out the value of pi (π) which is used today by scientists and mathematicians all around the world.
  • It was Aryabhatta who discovered the formula for the area of a triangle and the volume of the sphere which has given birth to various inventions and discoveries in the field of engineering today.
  • Aryabhatta wrote three books on astronomy and only one of which called Aryabhata is in existence today.
  • Aryabhatta was the one who discovered the entire model of the solar system and the concept of rotation and revolution of planets.
  • The inventions of Aryabhatta at that point of time crossed the borders of India and was celebrated all across the world.
  • The initial reactions to the inventions and discoveries of Aryabhatta was that of ridicule and rejected by religious people back then.
  • The mathematical books that he has written deals with the theories of trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra, quadratic equations and many more that are being used even today.
  • The scientific community of today is forever grateful for the inventions of Aryabhatta which has given birth to the progress of science and the world as we know it.