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10 Lines on Healthy Food

You can use this for writing a short paragraph on Your aim as a doctor, 10 lines on aim of my life, aim of life essay. this Essay is for class 1,2,3 and 4

10 lines on My Aim in life

  1. Every person has different aims. Some want to become teacher, some effort to become an engineer and some might be influenced by someone to become like him or her.
  2. My aim in life is to become a doctor.
  3. A doctor is a very honourable profession & full of sacrifices.
  4. A Doctor is a person who solves health-related issues & being healthy is very important to live a life full of energy & disease-free.
  5. During the pandemic of Covid 19, we have seen the selfless hard work of doctors to save the lives of mankind.
  6. A doctor is a lifesaving person after the god.
  7. To attain the aim of becoming a doctor, one needs to work hard with dedication.
  8. I want to serve my society, the needy and the poor by treating them.
  9. Doctors give hope to people that is a must for the survival of a person.
  10. I want to set up my own hospital in the future to help the poor and needy people.